So spring has finally arrived in London and the past two days have been sunny with blue skies (although still quite chilly). Running in the sun is in my opinion one of life’s great pleasures and based on the number of people in the park today, I don’t think I am the only person to think this! Following some of the challenges last week, I have taken it slightly easier this week and both runs have been amazing. I have felt strong and had no energy issues. Partly I think this is because I have got the vegan nutrition right (I am eating more than I normally would) and because I have set myself the challenge of running at 07:30 minute miles (I am much better when I give myself objectives!).

On the nutrition front, if it is a morning run, I ensure that I have had a lot of carbs the night before (more than I would normally consume) and then a carb loaded breakfast at least one hour before I head out. If I am running home in the evening, I make sure between lunch and running, I consume a massive amount of carbs but also healthy sugars (e.g. date based bars). While I feel fuller than I normally would, it seems to have worked this week.

In other news, I have run over 300km since the 1st January! Boom!

  • Monday – managed a seven mile run home from work at 07:31 miles and it felt good
  • Tuesday – rest day but I had meant to swim (fail!)
  • Wednesday – rest day but planned
  • Thursday – rest day but planned
  • Friday – rest day but I had meant to go to the gym but did managed a long walk
  • Saturday – rest day but again I managed a long walk
  • Sunday – managed a 10 mile run in the sun and did it in 07:24 miles (yay!)

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