A tale as old as time – one of the biggest highlights of the week was going to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with a friend. The film was amazing and there was something great about going to see something that was both new and familiar. The film was pure nostalgia. I thought Emma Watson was amazing, there was a genuine ‘gay moment’ (although I imagine most kids missed it – as did my friend!), the music had been updated in places but was still faithful to the original and it made me smile! I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat ever since (who says you have to grow-up!).

Raise a glass (or not) – Thursday night means bar night at work and while it was hard, I imagined to stay ‘dry’ and no give in and have a drink. At first it was hard because people kept asking why I wasn’t drinking (such a weird question to ask but given how much I drank in the past not unsurprising) but after a while it was fine. Plus being the only sober person, I remembered all the gossip the next morning!

First steps – I also headed down to Bristol for the night to see my brother, sister in law and nephew. The young man is just about walking although a lot of the time it looks like a drunken swagger. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas and it has changed so much since then. Time really does fly and it won’t be long before he is talking (and talking back!). It also marked the first family trip since going vegan and it was absolutely fine!

Meet the parents – on the way back from Bristol I jumped off the train at Reading for lunch with mum and dad, as it was his birthday this week and tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We headed to pizza express as I wanted to try the vegan and gluten free pizza. Turns out it is no longer on the menu but they made it for me anyway and it was good! Most the conversation was about my nephew which seems to be all we talk about these days! Strange to be back in a town where I went to school and unlike Beauty and the Beast it was changed so much I didn’t feel that must nostalgia.


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