As I progress on this health and wellness journey, I thought I would select something of interest or that has amused me each week to discuss in more detail. And what better place to start than the smell of my urine!

On roughly day 10 of being (almost) vegan I noticed that my urine smelt different. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the day I need the bathroom it smells the same and not how it used to (although ask me to describe what it sued to smell like and I couldn’t tell you). I have always noticed that certain foods impact the smell of my urine (I mean you asparagus!) but normally after a few hours all goes back to normal. Not the case with going vegan!

Is the smell bad? No! Do I think it is an unhealthily smell? No! Am I concerned? No! The only thing that annoys me is that the smell reminds me of something and I cannot for the life of me remember what. It reminds me of something I once ate but who knows what and when. #weird

Having googled and done some reason there doesn’t seem to be any scientific rational for why my urine should smell different although people do comment on boards and in forums that something similar has happened to them (on the one hand this makes me feel better as I am not alone but on the other hand I don’t feel very special!). The reasons people give vary from an increase in fruit and veg (maybe), to your body detoxifying itself (I don’t buy that) or simply put it is a coincidence (which I plain don’t believe). On the food front the only thing I have eaten more of is garlic and that can impact smell but I used to eat a fair amount anyway. Over the next few days the garlic is being cut out to see what impact that has. Likely none!


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