So this week marked the first full week of being vegan and trying to train for a summer triathlon. Overall it was fine but I found the long run I usually do on a Saturday morning very hard. What is interesting here is that I haven’t changed my diet that much for being vegan to have that much of an impact. My pre-run meal was always porridge with a banana and berries along with a scoop of protein powder. The protein powder has gone but the rest has stayed the same. This is something that I need to explore more as the long run was simply painful!

  • Monday – given the exercise I had done at the weekend, I decided that Monday would be rest day
  • Tuesday – I ran home for work (5 miles) and my goal was to go fast and I did! I managed 7.30 min miles. It is always so much easier to run a decent time when you have a day of food in the tank
  • Wednesday – a short run home from work because I couldn’t face the tube
  • Thursday – a five mile run to the gym, a PT session and then a two mile run home. The run and gym session felt really good but I was really hungry by the time I made it home
  • Friday – second rest day of the week!
  • Saturday – I ran 10 miles and while it was just under 8.00 miles it was hard going especially when there was any kind of a hill. I was shattered by mid-afternoon and had an early night which is not normally the case
  • Sunday – given how tired I was yesterday, I decided to have a third rest day this week as I feel my body needs it. I plan to swim tomorrow night instead



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